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    Is anyone here a member of the ARkansas Concealed Carry Assosiation? If so are they very pro-active in getting things done for us in AR? I havn't seen a change in the laws in a long time.

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    I am a member. Other than getting a bumper sticker in the mail.. I have not heard anything from this organization lately.

    However, they were the major player in getting concealed carry rights in WMA's this year.

    [From their press release]

    1. May carry your concealed handgun during any hunting season (archery, muzzleloader, rifle, deer, turkey, dove, etc.)

    2. May carry your concealed handgun on any WMA that is not restricted by federal law.

    3. The threshold for revocation or denial of a CHL has been raised from "any violation involving the use of a weapon", to the accumulation of at least 18 violation points that must have occurred due to violations involving a hunting instrument (rifle, muzzleloader, etc.). It takes a severe violation such as poaching to reach this threshold...having an extra dove over your limit will not result in your license being revoked. These changes take effect on January 20th, 2008.
    Chris Matthews
    Executive Director | Arkansas Carry
    p: 501-291-4839

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