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Thread: Open Carry while on Motorcycle?

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    I called the state today regarding open carry while on a motorcycle. The said and I quote, "Wow, that is a good one, I really do not know the answer. Can we call you back on that?"

    Lol, needless to say I have yet to get the promised return phone call in 30 minutes, so I am going to call tomorrow morning.

    Anyways, until official notice from the state.

    What do you guys/gals know about open carrying while riding a motorcycle? I know in a vehicle is illegal without a CPL, but since the sidearm can be 100% visible and holstered, how does this portray?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If you are in a car, on a motorcycle, on an ATV or in a boat or ANY OTHER MOTORIZED vehicle you must have a CPL in order to carry a loaded weapon on your person.

    To be VERY CLEAR:
    If you have a CPL you can carry open or concealed on a motorcycle.
    If you do not have a CPL you must store it unloaded.

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    dougwg you hit that right on the nail i could not have said better

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    Per MCRGO FAQ's:

    I am a current CPL holder. I bought a new motorcycle and wondered if it's legal to carry my revolver concealed on me while riding the bike. I also wondered if I can store or conceal the revolver in a locked compartment on the bike.

    So long as you have a valid, Michigan CPL (Concealed Pistol License), you may carry concealed pistols anywhere in the State of Michigan except for those places listed on the "Pistol Free Areas" list in the statute, or private property where the party in control prohibits weapons in general or asks you specifically not to carry there. Note that the intent of the law is that you should lock your gun in your vehicle when you find yourself about to enter a "Pistol Free Area." (NOTE: I use the quotation marks to indicate that the statute uses the term "Pistol Free Area," but only law-abiding citizens are deterred by the rule.) The question of storage is a question of reasonableness. If you have a compartment on your motorcycle that is secure, you should be fine storing your pistol there. However, if the gun falls into the wrong hands, you could potentially face criminal and civil liability. So, be sure that your method and location of storage pass the "sniff test".

    Note: There is no statue in Michigan-that I'm aware of-that requires you to CC on a motorcycle, only to be in possession of a CPL. Therefore, OC on a motorcycle is legal.

    Edit for spelling.

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