I went to LabCorp for more blood work today and when I was called in to have my blood drawn the phlebotomist (who I know) had an assistant with her. The assistant notices my side arm and says “Why are you coming in here with a loaded weapon?” Now I’m thinking “Here we go, education time…”. Well, I didn’t have to, the phlebotomist answered for me and said “Because he always does.” Her assistant said “Oh, okay” and then asked me what I was carrying and we started talking about guns.

Then I went to my chiropractors office (he’s a friend) and as I was leaving his office manager noticed my side and pointed at me, winked and gave me a thumbs up. Then she asked “Why?” I said “Somebody has to” to which she replied, “Yeah, your right, good for you.”

Just thought I’d share.