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Thread: Question from a NC citizen to a TN citizen

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    *notices the TN forum door is open and sees all the TN citizens talking; knocks on the wall*

    Hey all I'm Godscreation, I live next door in NC *points behind with thumb*
    I don't have plans to travel to TN anytime soon, but I'm wondering, can I OC in TN with a NC permit? I know TN issues a carry permit with no distinction between OC and CC, but if I travel to TN and have a NC Concealed Handgun Permit, does this mean I can only CC in TN? Would your state government recognize my CONCEALED permit and allow me to OC anyway? Or can I only OC with a TN permit? Sorry if this sounds confusing.

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    IANAL, but yes, I think you could OC in Tennessee with your NC permit. When carrying in another state that honors your permit, you must abide by the laws of that state, not your own.

    Just remember that Tennessee has some real pain-in-the-neck off-limits areas.

    Look for TCA 39-17-13XX here:

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