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Thread: Post Card from a Gun Show

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    Here is a good article from a Brit who tried their first gun show. It doesn't say where but maybe Chantilly since he lives in Georgetown.

    Post Card From a Gun Show

    "I went to my first gun show recently--part of my ongoing remedial education in American cultural literacy, which my (American) wife has lately taken in hand--and I have been turning the experience over in my mind these past few days. As a Brit, of course, I was conditioned to expect that the first time I saw an unholstered pistol would be when a mugger stuck one in my face. That is how it works in a civilized country. So for me it was passing strange to see many hundreds of pistols--not to mention shotguns, assault rifles, armor-piercing bullets, laser-sighting attachments and all manner of other lethal weaponry--arrayed for the delectation of ordinary citizens. They let me pick up a gun, for heaven's sake!"

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    Excellent write up
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    It was a good read, and no registration needed to post comments.

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