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Thread: Fantasy Football!!

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    Okay, football season is fast approaching which means Fantasy Football!!!

    I have a league that I have been doing for several years...friends and family and such. We use a pretty powerful software package unlike the free ones through Yahoo and ESPN and such....much better actually!! Info on it can be found HERE

    I pay for the software every year and we do not charge a fee for playing and there is no prize except for bragging rights for a whole year LOL.

    This year, we have two teams avaliable out of our 12 team league. Anyone interested in taking a team?

    We will be doing a 100% draft so no one will be taking over a team that was left over.

    Our draft will be a live draft (we have a draft party) but with the software you don't actually have to attend and can pre pick or have the system do it for you based on what you want.

    Thought I would extend an invite to any of youOC types who wanted in.

    Let me know!


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    Sorry never could get into football and etc. Played in high school till I was a junior than decided it interfered with hunting season.

    If I can't use my rifle,shotgun,or hand gun than of no interest to me. But good luck.

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    I should put you in touch with my son in law.He is a fantasy football guru.He also has season Seahawk tickets making him my new best friend.

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