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    Hello everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself to to all of you on this forum. I'm 25 and i live in York, Maine. I have just started to open carry this year and I am very grateful to have found this forum. Wanted to say thank you for all the information posted on here. I was born in Maine but moved back about 5 yrs ago and I had no idea what laws pertained to OC in Maine. I was doing my own research on the web and found this forum and im glad i did. It's good to see all the citations where proper information can be found. once again thank you all. I do have one question if anyone can further my knowledge. What areas can you not OC other than fedral buildings? I have found on this forum some people saying you prety much carry anywhere that doesnt have a sign saying "No Weapons of Anykind". Unfortuantly i havent found and statutes clearly stateing where you can OC. Any information would be welcomed.

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    A suggestion - whatever you do, don't limit yourself to Maine reading or Maine posts.

    I like to click on - Discussion Forum, then click on "Recent" to see what's going on around the country.

    Virginia and Washington State are very active areas.

    Good to have you here!

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