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Thread: Learned something today about posting silly pictures of self on net

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    (cross posting to another forum I frequently read)

    Don't do it, the pictures will end up on various gut wrenching cyber bullying sites...

    The only silly pictures I'll post are pictures of me in a fursuit. On the net, intelligent conversation somehow ceases to exist even though what is submitted makes complete sense. People just take pieces out of context and twist it in to something ugly, just like politics.

    Well, as they say... and as my sig says, "Furries, we know drama"

    Unfortunately, I've actually seen it before on another board, which I ignored because I though it stopped until I later also found said same image which the guy was trolling another user and HIS FAMILY over a stupid argument!

    It's probably best people refrain from posting family photos, and if you do keep them private/protected from the general public or remove them when receiving any negative comments in a uncivil manner.
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    lol furries :P

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    Pics or it didn't happen!


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