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Thread: Give up our 2A rights voluntarily ?

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    Some Dems believe we should give up are gun rights voluntarily.This is pretty scary and I believe we and I mean all over the country really really need to get united on this.Posting on blogs isn,t going to be enough.Also there is another article I found about police searching people's cars with noother reason than having a ROn Paul bumper sticker.Seiously.The cop even indicated that was why hestopped thisone individual. Sorry about the add I couldn't delete it.


    I can't figure out why Democratic candidates keep advertising political positions that are direct contradictions to their established voting records and to their political philosophy. Why can't they state their beliefs and records in a straightforward manner rather than put out false, misleading information? Well, maybe I can figure it out. They know most people will not vote for them if the people know their true voting record and the philosophy behind the votes.



    What brought this to mind is the recent flap among liberals/ socialists/ communists over the United States Supreme Court decision that reaffirmed our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. It wasn't long after the court decision was announced that Barack Obama, the most liberal senator as shown by his actual voting records, began dropping comments about how he accepts our Second Amendment rights.

    Left-wing apologists like Donald Kaul and Roger Ray went ballistic over it as they attempted to explain away those rights and how much better off we would be if we voluntarily gave up those rights, which Democrats in Congress are constantly working hard to abolish. I wonder how quickly Donald and Roger will give up their right to free speech which entitles them to write the crackpot stuff they do.

    As a matter of fact, their allies in Congress are working to abolish that right too, as they attempt to pass hate crime laws and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. At this time in history, Democrats are seeking to abolish free speech rights only for perceived criticism of one of their favorite special interest groups, an effort of which I am sure their apologists such as Donald and Roger heartily approve. However, history teaches us that once Congress opens the door and gets by with an attack on constitutional rights, they only expand their efforts to broaden the attack and widen the ban on those rights. Exhibit A from that history is the liberal Democrat attack on our Second Amendment rights!

    At this time in our country people want to have guns mainly for these reasons: protection of the home, hunting, target shooting and as collectors. At the time the Second Amendment was written into the Constitution, of the four reasons, only protection and hunting were considerations of most who wanted to own guns. Target shooting was built as a necessity for the success of those two. It required then, and still does, a lot of wealth to be much of a collector so most people were/are not able to do that.

    What is missing from the list of four reasons is the real reason the Second Amendment was placed in the Constitution. It is missing because we have committed the cardinal sin of free citizens: we have ceased being fearful of big, all controlling government -- the opposite of what the Founding Fathers wanted us to do and very much what the left-wing Democrat politicians want us to do. Rather than continue to argue the point, I will allow one of the more prominent founders, Thomas Jefferson, to explain his reason, "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

    If we elect a president who will appoint judges who don't accept our clearly stated constitutional rights, we will soon reap the reward. The appointment of future judges is the crucial issue of this election campaign, not the economy or the war.

    Henry McBride lives in Everton.

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    Before we get overly carried away badmouthing Liberals, Democrats, Progressives...

    brought this over from the General Discussion forum.

    I don't recollect the Founding Fathers discriminating between political parties that much when it came down to preserving a Militia. The Federalists and the Anti-Federalists, even John Adams, knew enough to keep that ace in the hole.

    To paraphrase... "Power corrupts...all power"

    Distrust all government.
    “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire,
    a troublesome servant and a fearful master.” - George Washington

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    We (speaking of America in general) are a generation that has never lived through a truly tyrannical government. The very idea is a foreign concept that we can only vaguely understand through history books (if we bother to read them) and reports and stories of exotic, far off places that have nothing to do with our everyday lives. To most people, Lord of the Rings is a more recognizable and well-defined "alternate reality" than the possibility of a police state in America.

    Arriving at a police state is not done by running from point A to point B. It is achieved after each successive generation wanders only a few steps away from where it began. A little farther, a little farther. You only realize the distance that's been covered if you compare where we are now to where the country itself began.

    But people don't do that. They compare where we are now to where WE, this generation, started; and it doesn't appear to be all that far. This self-centric mentality is not exclusive to America; it is a human weakness shared across all generations. Hence, the need for vigilance and the careful scrutiny of those we would consider electing to lead us.

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    Good post.

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    D@mn Politicians can only think like this because they've never had to live in a high crime area or experience crime period ...

    Let'em live a week in housing projects and I bet they change their mind.

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