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Thread: Reporting your first major incident to Internal Affairs

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    You know, I made a complaint the while I was in pittsburgh regarding an incident over being questioned because I was OCing. I was harassed in to giving my CCW, which was the only ident I carried on me, though I shouldn't carried none. Complaining to OMI on that was easy, I wasn't upset until it rained on me. If the officers didn't harass me I would've been under a roof before the rain started pouring. I should note the only reason I handed over my CCW is the officer looked like he was about to do something stupid like the later incident with a different officer.

    I had a second incident earlier this month, the major one, which I'm pretty bothered about. The cuffing didn't bother me, nor the down talking, but my own weapon was pointed at my lower part of my legs. Then my weapon was placed on the top of the tire on the outside of the jeep looking vehicle without clearing the round nor was the magazine taken out. I'm really upset still with the latter, and am just now calling OMI(internal affairs).

    I think what I'm upset about most, is police officers like the above mentioned making me look bad because I try to give points to the police in arguments when someone starts to bad mouth them. Then something like this happens and the person I was arguing with finds out only to mock me.

    I think also what I'm upset about, is how big city cops can know less than me on current laws. They're supposed to be the ones who keep up with the laws and ordinances.

    In Alaska, we don't have that issue with the exception of the State Trooper incident, all the LEOs know the laws and if they take the "if he's not shady looking or bothering anyone, then he's okay" approach. There are plenty of laws LEOs don't enforce, obvious to most of us.
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    1) I'm not sure exactly what happened, but it sounds like you made a formal complaint about it.

    2) It may be better to not post any details until you have discussed the matter with an attorney and/or the formal investigation is completed to your satisfaction.

    3) Good luck.

    stay safe.

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