I posted this over at the THR, and figured you would like the post...

Those who wish to eliminate the RKBA use many tactics to disarm citizens, and we have many tactics to fight back. I am going to talk about Open Carry, but I am going to not be using the debate on which is better on Conceal Carry and Open Carry, but I am going to be talking about viewpoint of the RKBA.

Many people do not own firearms, but are not by there nature "Anti-gun". They do not know much about guns and follow what the media and from personal knowledge. Many of us "Gunners" do not broadcast that we enjoy firearms, and many times miss chances to inform the public on responsible firearm ownership.

However look at what the anti-gun groups, and some segments of the media want to tell all. Guns are owned not by law abiding citizens, but by criminals and crazy gun nuts who are part of a anti-government militia, or by "rednecks" and other types. Not the family man, not the respectable business owner, not the man who remembers that his grandpa used a shotgun to protect his family from a lynching.

However open carry in states that allow that make people realize that many normal citizens own and carry firearms, and that its not a big deal. Just because someone has a gun does not mean that they are there to hold up a store or carry out a crime. that and as people start seeing a firearm on a normal basis, they start loosing the irrational fear of firearms that the anti-gunners and media would like citizens to have, to replaced by the rational respect of a useful tool of life and liberty that is no more dangerous then a table saw, (aka, something that if you follow some basic safety rules, you will be ok). If we always hide our guns and no one sees them, they will think that no one will be loosing there RKBA.