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Thread: OC Washougal/Camas

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    I took a long bicycle ride with my wife and kids today. Cut through neighborhoods and three different parks. Checked out the new Plateau Trading Post store in Washougal. The staff may have done a double take when they saw my strong side but that's it. Had a picnic lunch in Goot Park, Washougal. Back on the road we greeted many people walking on the sidewalks, rode past the Camas Police station and through downtown Camas to get to my daughters dance class. All uneventful. On the way back I was ahead of my wife when I passed by a parked car with some teenagers in it. My wife tells me that one tapped the others shoulder and pointed at my gun. My wife overheard one of the teenagers say "That's cool".
    I share this uneventful story because I love to read about other people's uneventful OC experiences.

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    Good read.

    If ya got more, keep 'em coming. I too like to hear about others' uneventful OC.
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