POMPANO BEACH - When gunshots blasted into Guerby Marcelus' car Friday night, the 21-year-old slumped forward and pretended he was dead.

Marcelus was hit in the eye and the back. After firing twice at Marcelus, the gunman shot and killed Larry Guerrier, also 21. As witnesses scattered, the gunman chased them, striking and wounding Sandra Mehu, 20.

"If I wasn't in my car, I'd probably be dead," said Marcelus, of Deerfield Beach.

The shooting happened outside Mehu's home in 3000 block of Northeast Fifth Avenue about 11 p.m. On Monday, Broward Sheriff's Office investigators still were looking for the gunman and trying to determine the motive for the attack.

"I just hope they find out whoever did it, and put them where they need to be," said Guerrier's sister Eeta Cherenfant, 16. "Just find them and get them off the street."

Marcelus said the shooting happened as he got ready to leave Mehu's home. Guerrier was walking to his car when another vehicle came "out of nowhere," Marcelus said. A man, who might have had two guns, jumped out and began shooting.

Marcelus said after he was shot, he played dead to deflect attention from himself. He heard the gunman say something to Guerrier, but couldn't make out the words. More shots rang out, and Guerrier collapsed.

Friends took Marcelus and Mehu to North Broward Medical Center. There, Marcelus learned Guerrier had died.

Guerrier, of Pompano Beach, and Marcelus met at Deerfield Beach High School, and have been friends for a few years. Cherenfant said Guerrier recently had enrolled at Broward College.

"He didn't deserve that," Marcelus said. "He wasn't even a troublemaker like that. He was a good kid."