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Thread: Nye County Sheriff Does It Again

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    Another "non OC" related issue.

    Once again, Nye County Sheriff Tony DeMeo refuses to follow Nevada law.

    Via telephone on July 28, 2008, Sheriff DeMeo told me he would NOT accept our sheriff's certification of our CCW instructor even if our sheriff himself sends the certification. DeMeo said he wanted to see our instructor's full credentials and course curriculum (in addition to our sheriff's certification). As time permits, our CCW instructor does hope to provide all of the above to Sheriff DeMeo, but we don't know how long that will take - and we have NO guarantee Sheriff DeMeo will accept it.

    The research:

    NRS 202.3657 states a sheriff shall issue a permit to any person who is qualified and who submits an application and who demonstrates competence by presenting a certificate to the sheriff which shows that he successfully completed a course in firearm safety approved by a sheriff in this State.

    The Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs Association (NSCA) document entitled “Nevada Concealed Weapon Training Standards” (current; revised December 5, 2002 (available here mp;cid=2), page two, paragraph V, which quotes NRS 202.3657 and reiterates “a course in firearm safety approved by a sheriff in this State.”

    Further, I reviewed the audio CD recorded at the July 11, 2007 Nevada CCW Holders Forum in Carson City, hosted by the Nevada Sheriffs & Chiefs Ass'n. Mr. Rick Morello (a full time firearms instructor) asked if his Nevada CCW Instructor credentials (as authorized by the Washoe County Sheriff) were valid/accepted by all Nevada sheriffs. Douglas County Undersheriff and NSCA Forum Panel Member Paul Howell unequivocally stated, “Yes.” (The CD is available for $9.50 from the state.)

    It certainly appears to me that Sheriff DeMeo MUST accept other sheriffs' CCW instructor certifications.

    I believe this to be yet another flagrant violation of Nevada law by Sheriff DeMeo. Apparently, DeMeo believes he can legislate from his position of authority.

    I encourage Nevadans - especially Nye County citizens - to take the issue to Sheriff DeMeo - and any other authorities as necessary to correct Sheriff DeMeo's unlawful activities. Perhaps the Nye County District Attorney, Commissioners, Assemblyman, Senator, Attorney General, Governor, NRA, NSCA should be involved.

    I don't have a valid email address, but per

    North Area Command

    Area Commander: Asst. Sheriff Johanna Cody
    Sheriff's Office Headquarters
    Located at: 101 Radar Rd.
    Tonopah, NV 89049
    Administration : 775-482-8110
    Sheriff Dispatch
    Non-Emergencies: 775-482-8101
    Detention: 775-482-7358
    Tonopah County Seat

    Central Area Command

    Area Commander: Lt. Frank Jarvis
    Sheriff's Office Substation
    Located at: 426 C Avenue
    Beatty, NV 89003
    Records : 775-553-2345
    Non-Emergencies: 775-553-2345
    Detention: 775-553-2345

    South Area Command

    Area Commander: Capt. Bill Becht
    Sheriff's Office Substation
    Located at: 1520 East Basin Rd.
    Pahrump, NV 89060
    Records : 775-751.7011
    Sheriff Dispatch:
    Non-Emergencies: 775-751-7000
    Detention: 775-751-7027

    Or write:

    Sheriff Anthony L. DeMeo
    1520 E. Basin Road Ste. 102
    Pahrump NV


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    Its sad that law enforcement who are supposed to follow the law, end up interpreting the law their own way.

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    "The law knows no law."---J.W. Kerns

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