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Thread: Whatcom County Sheriff

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    Went out for a long test ride today on a Harley that I put a new S&S motor into. As I rounded the corner before getting on the freeway I saw a bike pulled over under a tree with someone standing next to it. Started to pull over to see if he needed help and realized that it was a sheriff. Rather than just swerve towards him and then tear off I figured I would pull over and tell him why I had swerved towards him. Mentioned that I was stopping to see if he needed help before I realized that he was a sheriff at which point he laughed and said that he would have no trouble getting in touch with someone if he did have a problem. I bid him good day and pulled out. Only then did I remember that I had my .45 in a belt holster, outside my jacket, and he was on the strong side. No way he didn't notice it, he never blinked. Good encounter.

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    Good encounter and good on him.
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    Good all around. It helps that you exhibited good-guy traits by stopping to help someone and the foresight to realize that you shouldn't just veer off once you realized it was a motor officer.

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