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Thread: OC on a road trip across the state

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    Ok, so me and my wife decided to do some camping and road tripping across Oregon. Man, I love this state. I OC'd the whole time and only got hassled at a FREAKIN FIREARMS STORE (Sportsman's Warehouse in Medford).

    We left Hermiston on Sunday and went to La Pine State Park and stayed the night. Monday, went to Ashland, Medford, and Crater Lake National Park (NOOO OC there ). We returned to La Pine State Park Monday night. Tuesday went from La Pine to the Newberry Lava Monument place (USFS Land) and played with chipmunks. After that we went to the High Desert Museum just south of Bend. We returned home Tuesday night. We stopped MANY times and I was OCing the whole time except Crater Lake. Only one problem...

    We had to grab an extra sleeping bag so we stopped at Sportsman's Warehouse in Medford. On the door there was a big sign that said basically if you are OCing, you have to check in your gun at the front counter (but you can still keep it on your person while shopping). If you are CC, then don't worry about it. I was pretty hacked off about that. We were on a time crunch, so we went in anyway. I presented it to the employee with mag removed and action open. She told me I had to put ammo in the car. I was really ticked about that. My wife volunteered to take the ammo back to the car for me (I love that woman). The lady at the counter at least let me close and re-holster my weapon so I didn't have to carry it in hand with the action open the whole time.

    Someone else posted something like this, but i thought it was an isolated case. the SW I usually go to in Kennewick does not have this dumb sign. I have been in there MANY times while OCing. Argh. Anyway, that was the only hassle with OC over the course of the 3 days.

    I was sure I was going to have a problem in Ashland - anyone who has been there would understand why. Nobody said anything. I was also not sure what the reception would be at the High Desert Museum - again nothing. I even talked to one of the presenters for a while. Two other museum patrons asked me about it though. Great conversations, but I don't think I converted anyone to our cause.

    So, this was awesome. The La Pine State Park ranger didn't say anything, numerous food and gas establishments along the way didn't bat an eye and neither did the USFS people at the Newberry Volcano thinger. I am impressed. Oregon is a good place to be.

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    Interesting about Sportman's Warehouse. I've OC'd at the one in Bend before but haven't been in there in several months. They have a sign in that one that says something along the lines of, "If you are brining a firearm in to sell it must be unload and action open. If you are carrying a loaded firearm it must remain in a holster."

    Not an exact quote but something along those lines.

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    I thought you guys might like to see this bit of info from the washington site:

    IdahoCorsair wrote:
    I recently was asked to leave the Boise store for OCing at SW. I politely informed the "loss prevention manager" that it was SW right to make rules but I will vote with my dollar and not go there and I have at least 15 friend who will also refrain from doing business there. 45 mintues later, after leaving the store, through a chain of VERY funny events, the regional SW manager contacts my bro and I (he was opening the Cour D'Alene store in north idaho) and apologized for 15 minutes straight!!! Sportsman's official policy that they follow is to follow state law.
    The signs that say something about checking firearms or unloading them EXCLUSIVELY refer to if you're having gunsmithing done or something of that nature. My bro then had another 15 mintues discussion about the Phoenix SW store's sign that clearly communicated that intention and suggested they follow that wording nation-wide... he said that was already in the works.
    I have OC'd in 2 of the stores here in Washington and as long as I do not plan to remove the weapon from the holster all is well.

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