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Thread: Friday morning at AutoZone

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    Stopped in at the AutoZone in our town to pick up a pair of shocks for the old Jeep Cherokee and I was, as usual open carrying the Glock 23 in my Blackhawk SERPA on my right hip.

    Went in, the clerk there looked up what I needed, got it from the back, we chatted for a few minutes while he rang up my purchase. I paid and picked them up and started to leave the store. It was then when he caught sight of the Glock. Amazing as that is to me, he had missed it the entire time I had been there.

    He asked me if I was a Police Officer. I half expected some type of lecture when I told him no. But he said "Just a regular guy packing huh?"

    I said yes.

    He then said "Good, great to see it."

    I thought that was great. I will continue to buy my auto parts and supplies from this store after that.

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    Wow, Mike, can't believe I missed this one all week!

    Great to hear about your experience. I finally got my TN license. I picked up the HCP app while I was there.

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    I was OCing at a service station in Cookeville one night around 10 PM to buy some Sprite on the way home. The clerk spotted my gun while he took my money, smiled, and said "be safe" while he handed over my change.

    At the truck: I put the case of Sprite in the back seat and shut the door. As I looked up, some guy was walking toward the entrance to the store. He spotted the gun on my hip and stopped. We made eye contact. No kidding, he did a 180 and disappeared.

    I went back in and related this to the clerk with the best description I could give. (I'm embarrassed to say it was rather sparse; I'm a little surprised how little detail I could recall about him, even just seconds after seeing him -- working on this).

    The clerk listened, thanked me, and welcomed my business "any time."

    In this case I spotted the guy. I wonder how often open-carry has prevented trouble unbeknownst to the carrier.

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