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Thread: Phony guards steal from bank customers

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    By Associated Press

    TIGARD, Ore. (AP) - Tigard police say two men dressed as security guards fooled a pair of bank customers into giving them deposits.

    Police spokesman Jim Wolf says the phony guards stood outside a night deposit slot at the Wells Fargo Bank at 9200 S.W. Washington Square Road onFriday eveningand and told the victims it was out of order. The men offered to take the money and make the deposits when the bank reopened.

    Wolf says the men wore uniforms and had badges and guns. The night deposit slot was covered by a sign saying it was out of service.

    Police learned of the crimes when a business contacted the branch to ask about its deposit.

    The bank says it has never had a problem with the slot.

    Police askedanyone who may have observed the suspects in the area of the bank to call (503) 639-6168.


    I dunno about you, but I'm not giving my deposit to some rent-a-cop at my bank, no matter how official they look.......I'll simply go to another branch or come back in the morning.......I wonder what the 2 guys reaction would have been had someone coming to make a deposit had been OCing?

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    Frank Abagnale Jr. (Catch Me If You Can was based on his life story) used that scam way long ago.
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