VA - ACTION ITEM: Virginia Crime Commission hearing September 9th!

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From: Philip Van Cleave
Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 2:47 PM
Subject: VA-ALERT: VCDL Update 8/19/08

ACTION ITEM: Virginia Crime Commission to consider referred gun
show bill September 9th!

As you may recall when anti-gun Senator Henry Marsh's gun show bill
was in the Senate Courts of Justice committee earlier this year, the
bill was killed.

In committee, Senator Marsh threw a hissy fit over the bill dying. In
order to calm him down the committee ended up referring the bill to
the Crime Commission for further study.

Well, the Crime Commission is going to meet at 10:00 AM on Tuesday,
September 9th in Senate Room A in the General Assembly Building. Gun
owners need to be there to make it known that we vehemently oppose
Senator Mash's bill (SB 109)!

The anti's are trying to get a lot of their members to attend and we
need to outnumber them!

I (Phillip) will be there with with large orange Guns Save Lives stickers to
hand out to those of you who are planning on being there.