I got the approval from my attorney to discuss this issue publicly, in order to solicit contributions.

I intend to file a lawsuit against the City and County of Denver for refusing to accept applications for concealed handgun licenses for non-residents of the state of Colorado. My attorney is John Monroe, who is legal counsel for GeorgiaCarry.org and has scored several victories in both Georgia and federal court in regards to the gun rights of Georgians.

As a result of Colorado's law of SB07-34, as well as Denver's open carry ban, I had a life threatening experience when coming back when I flew back in from Colorado, that actually happened here in Washington State.


We are targeting Denver for two specific reasons:

1) The Sheriff's Departments and the DPD are the issuing authority for licenses in the state of Colorado. Targeting the State of Colorado would be imprecise as they are not the ones issuing licenses.

2) Denver has an open carry ban. Denver fight all the way to the Colorado Supreme Court to keep their open carry ban and they are only keeping it by the skins teeth of the fact that they ruled 3-3. Suing the City and County of Denver forces them to make a choice: Either repeal their open carry ban or start accepting applications and approving licenses to carry.

I know that there are many thousands effected by the law change, and it's time to fight back against the anti-gunners. I myself can contribute some money to the effort but since there are so many affected by the SB07-34 law (which prohibits recognition of non-resident licenses of reciprocal states), I'm hoping that some others may be willing to help shoulder the load. Though John Monroe is a good attorney who doesn't charge an outrageous rate, he does have to travel to Colorado and he needs to be able to make a living just like any of us, and has bills to pay. I myself am in the same boat, and cannot simply drop thousands of dollars into this case in one fell swoop.

I have a paypal account that you may donate to, at lonnie.wilson @ comcast.net, put in there "Colorado case" and I will send it to my attorney. If you prefer snail mail/fedex/UPS or whatever delivery services, you can send it my attorney directly at:

John Monroe
re: Colorado Case
9640 Coleman Rd
Roswell, GA 30075


Lonnie Wilson