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    I have not read each and every post to these Forums, but I have noticed, that many, far more intelligent than I, have brought up the concepts of getting our message out, explaining to the unknowing that we are not a bunch of "gun-nuts", who want to re-legalize, "in the street, high noon, shootouts"!

    I would propose that we select a date or date, and set them aside as information sharing dates. I would suggest that all that are able OC on those dates, prompting questions from our fellow citizens; and the various media, who would have been contacted in advance. I would further propose that a single location be selected for this event, and that distributors, gun retailers, etc...; be given the opportunity to participate. Obviously open carry is encouraged.

    I suggest that hard factual (source sited) data be available, perhaps in pamphlet form, much could be obtained from the 'Handgun Myths Debunked' like websites. No more opinion battles, layout only fact that have been verified!

    Once this seed landed in my mind, it began to "snowball"; if you think about it, I think youwould feel the same kinds of things.

    Taking a MAJOR STEP BACKWARD, it is my belief that this cite is is becoming a source of info to many in the press. ONCE AGAIN WE NEED TO STRESS THAT INFO THAT IS RELEASED, COME FROM A SINGLE SOURCE! Further, that all inquires be directed to that single source. (Like we all don't know who I am talking about, Mr. Pierce) with assistance from those he recruits to assist him.

    THIS COULD GO ON FOR HOURS, BUTI HAVE ONE UNALTERABLE REQUIREMENT BEFOREI PARTICIPATE IN ANYWAY. In no way can it be permitted to slip into a Open Carry, VERSUS,Concealed Carry.. type of thing.

    We are a group ofgun enthusiasts who give unwaivering support to the 2nd Amendment to our Bill of Rights. As such, something like a person's preference forone mode of carry over another's personal preference, are merely personal matters that are freely discussed.

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    I open carry daily, as I'm sure do many here. Plus, this being Arizona, so do a lot of people who don't know or care about this forum.

    I think the best way to get attention is to have a lots of big OCer Picnics or other types of meetings with notification of media people. It's been working like a charm in Michigan. And I just so happen to be interested in a meeting in Camp Verde...

    Answer every question about open carry in Michigan you ever had with one convenient and free book-

    The complete and utter truth can be challenged from every direction and it will always hold up. Accordingly there are few greater displays of illegitimacy than to attempt to impede free thought and communication.

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    I realize OC is a realtively 'new' thing in some states where I'd not heard of OC before. The news weenies NEVER announce anything like that passed into legislation. Neither do the local talk radio wonks it would seem. Even in AZ there's persistant ignorance on OC in particular... especially among city types. I've OC'd every day for years... even before I moved here... When in AZ... 'carry'! 'Same with New Mexico. People just don't 'bother' to inquire as to what the 'law' is... and the 2A seems like some abstact 'thing' to be demonized. I'm no pro-gun... I'm pro-Constitution.

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