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Thread: A responsibility, a reminder to be responsible

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    Godscreation wrote:
    Hey Folks,
    As you know, Mike and John, founders of OCDO, are the only people moderating the OCDO forum right now. That's right, 8,500 of us and they have to do it all. I've been perusing through other forums in other states and am finding topics such as obama and his tax plans, who is going to be at the Democratic Convention; topics unrelated to OC. Mike and John probably don't see these unrelated forums, so it's important to stick to 2a and OC. This state is doing great, but let's remember that we are alone in here, nobody to moderate. Let's show the rest of OCDO that we North Carolinians are staying the course without moderators, and that we don't have A.D.D as bad as other states!
    Hey, you've got something on your nose there...yeah, it's kinda dark, looks brown. :?

    This website would not exist if it weren't for arguably unconstitutional laws that restrict our rights. These laws are strongly influenced by the president of this country. I personally think it is absolutely necessary for us, as civil rights activists, to discuss the presidential candidates and do everything in our power to prevent a person dangerous to our rights fromtaking that position. Having these discussions in regional forums allow people of a single area tojoin together and deal with thingsat a local level.

    Let me also say that this idea that one state forum is competing with another is just plain silly. The NC forum is not exclusively for NC residents, but rather for NC related topics. Anyone is free to join in the discussions.

    I'm not sure what prompted you to post what you did, but I really don't think it was necessary.

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