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Thread: New carry gun - S&W M&P340CT

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    Got a chance to take my new lil hand cannon to the range, all I can say is WOW!!!

    I finally caved to all the advice about getting a J-Frame (my first). Not much of a revolver guy, only owned one in the past, and occasionally shoot my wife's Ruger SP101. Figured since I qualify for the LE pricing with S&W, I might as well take advantage of it. Worst that could happen is I get to try something new, If I didn't like it, I could sell it and get every dollar back. I like it, I'll be keeping it.

    In addition to the Crimson Trace grips, it has an XS "Big Dot" night sight. Fantastic sight picture, wonder if there is anyway to rig one up on my LCP

    As expected, it kicks like a mule on PCP with .357 loads (Double Tap 125gr. GD - approx 1400+fps per DT website). Not painful, but not exactly pleasant either (ok, a little painful, but tolerable...)

    Sights are dead on at 25', had to tweak the Crimson Trace a little to match it up, but now they are locked on as well.

    I bought a pair of Hogue Mono-grips for range use, they help considerably for getting through a box of .38's and familiarizing myself with it. Afterwards I put the CTC laser back on for carry and to check adjustment with the last 5 rounds of .38. Laser held it's zero perfectly. Loaded it back up with the .357 Double Taps and slipped it back in my pocket.

    I should have listened to all the J-Frame afficianados earlier, I am quite happy with it. It is accurate as hell at SD distance and a hoot to shoot!

    Following pic was WWB 130gr. .38 Special, 5 rounds at 21' using the Crimson Trace laser.

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    I like it! In something that light, check that your bullets are crimped enough that they are not backing out with the stiff recoil. It really sucks when a too long bullet jams the cyl.

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