Today I got the Gun Safety course out of the way. Scored 94 at the range and 97 on written test.

I didn't get to use my new .45 SA revolver since my ammo didn't arrive Friday as It shoud have, so I barrowed a .22 SA from my boss. (He and his wife took the course too) At the range I got 10 rounds off before I had a "sqib fire". I've had miss fires before but this is the first Sqib. I knew something wasn't right when I fired the last shot with it and it sounded like a toy cap gun and there was no kick at all. I also noticed as I looked past the weapon that there was a small wisp of smoke that came from the front side of the cylinder. Not the usual puff of smoke you'd get from a full discharge. The intructor was close by and I told him I had a problem. I unloaded the gun and we checked the barrel. Sure enough the bullet was lodged just inside the barrel. The gun shouldn't be hurt, all we have to do is get that bullet out. If I hadn't caught it, I would have fired another round a probably damaged the gun and maybe myself. Finished the range shooting with one of the instructors weapons, a Barreta .380 semi. Did better with it than I thought I would, since I'm not use to Semi-auto's.

But I wasn't the only one with problems, which all seemed to be ammo related. One lady was using a .22 SA revolver that had quite a few miss fires. Another lady, who didn't have a weapon of her own and had never fired a handgun was using a Ruger .22 Semi-auto that was also having allot of ammo problems. She had to stop and wait for the rest of us to finish and barrowed my bosses wifes gunthat was also a Ruger Semi .22. The funny thing is that the lady who had never fired a handgun out shot me with a score of 96.

After we found out that she ahd never fired a handgun and hadn't bought one yet, I learned from her that she doesn't live far from us. My boss, his wife, and myself were alittle worried about the 60 something gal possible buying a gun she couldn't handle and start carrying it. We suggested to her that she come over and try shooting some different guns to get an idea what she might be comfortable with and can handle, before she buys anything. The instructors told her it was a good idea. She had artritis in one hand and neither of her hands look all that strong, so I figure she going to need something in the smaller cal range. She'd probably be better off with a revolver and I think she said she'd like a small snubby like she saw one of the other ladies using. I figure something no bigger than .38 cal, any suggestions? She apparently did pretty good with the .22LR Ruger.