I am a Nebraska resident. I am also a retired US Army Command SGT. Major. My wife was transferred from the QUAD-CITY area to Sierra Vista Arizona with her DOD job. I do open carry my Glock were ever I go. I also have a SIG 226 AND AR-15 that I carry in my Truck. I was driving across Nebraska and stopped in at the Shell at the Seward Exit about 21:30. The clerk kind of gave me a funny look and became nervous about my gun. I left after paying for my gas and nothing came of it. I then stopped in at the PETRO Truck stop in York got the usual stupid looks or jesters like you have the gun, you can go first. I then stopped in Custer County to check on my 5000 acre ranch and some rental properties. Clerks in the small towns gave me looks. I then drove down with Horse trailer and truck all the way through Colorado and New Mexico. I let people know about the laws in each state that I encountered and most if not any don't know a thing. DEER IN HEADLIGHT LOOK. I am glad this web site is here. I JUST HOPE EVERYBODY COULD EDUCATE THEMSELVES AND GET ON THE SAME SHEET OF MUSIC.:celebrate:what: