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Thread: Met some Chicago cops in Wyoming!

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    I had a very satisfying OC experience this Saturday, though parts of it still have me scratching my head...

    My sister and niece were here visiting from California. They are not liberal government lovers, by any means, and my sister used to carry when she was a city council member, but she no longer wants to be bothered with it... whole 'nother story.

    Anyway, we went to see Devil's Tower and had pulled off the road to take pictures. The NE part of Wyoming is still eyeball deep in bikers of all kinds, and we happened to be parked fairly near a small group of them on that turnout.

    As I walked past them, one nice looking young man asked if I would take a picture of the group together and I was happy to do so. As soon as he handed me the camera (and I don't think before), he noticed the XD .45 at my hip and voiced mild astonishment, asking if a "permit" was required to OC in Wyoming.

    Of course, I told him the law here and introduced myself as a certified handgun instructor, etc., giving him my card. He then identified himself and the others as off duty cops from the Chicago area!!!

    But they were all enthusiastic about the idea of ordinary citizens carrying, as well as teaching others to defend themselves. I know I planted a big seed as we talked about "permits" and how they serve no logical function except to increase government control over the law abiding - since criminals don't care. He seemed to see the light go on when I mentioned Vermont and Alaska... and their incredibly low crime rates compared to places with the tightest controls.

    They were some of the nicest, most polite and interesting people we met all day!

    I may have to think over some of my preconceived notions of cops....

    I was bummed out totally at having to disarm to go into the Devil's Tower "park." I'll get over it, but I don't intend to go back either - or any other such "park."

    Rearmed and at lunch down the road, I fielded quite a few questions from people (Wyomingites and visitors from all over) and handed out a stack of cards, so it was a very good OC day all in all.
    I will not knowingly initiate force. I am a self owner.

    Let the record show that I did not consent to be governed. I did not consent to any constitution. I did not consent to any president. I did not consent to any law except the natural law of "mala en se." I did not consent to the police. Nor any tax. Nor any prohibition of anything. Nor any regulation or licensing of any kind.

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    Wow, great job ML!

    I'll bet those Chitown Coppers were flat flabergasted to see firearms OC'd.:celebrate Especially a 'Grandmother' type. Heh, heh. That must have been priceless.

    While they may have been nice in WY, I'd bet money they take a different form back in Cook County. Wyoming would be one of THE best places to meet Chicago cop. Glad you had a chance to educate them on your home turf. Way to go. The more I think about it, the more I would love to see video of the discussion and then do a ride-along with them in Cook County for comparo? -If I could stand to go to Cook County.:shock:

    At the very least you gave them something to think about. Who knows, maybe they'll be an instrument of change there? One can hope.

    FWIW, Ogle and Winnebago counties (just West of Chicago) will supposedly have RKBA/CC referendums on the November ballot. Whether the counties will be able to follow through or not remains to be seen. While there is a looooong way to go, the momentum is definitely forward for RKBA in Illinoisistan.

    Wow, remind me to buy you a steak or ammo or dinner of your choice next time I'm there. You deserve it for all the cards you handed out and the RKBA discussions with your 'disarming' personality. What an ambassador for OC/RKBA!

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