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Thread: Open Carried Flint's Farmer's Market 12:00 noon

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    Open carry moved to open carry sub directory
    The use of force is a last resort. One aspect of violence is that it is unpredictable. Although your initial intention may be to use limited force, once you have engaged in violence the consequences are unpredictable. Violence always brings about unexpected results and almost always provokes retaliation.

    Dalai Lama

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    LaVere wrote:
    I had a Kahr K-40 IWB holster and a double magazine holster two two magazines
    I may show pictures later.

    I only saw one person that may have seen it. He said or show no interest in it.

    I WAS there buying vegetables for canning and not just parading around.

    Could you put this in the open carry experiences thread?
    An Amazon best seller "MY PARENTS OPEN CARRY"

    *The information contained above is not meant to be legal advice, but is solely intended as a starting point for further research. These are my opinions, if you have further questions it is advisable to seek out an attorney that is well versed in firearm law.

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