I was at the Hinesville Wal-Mart getting an oil change and a new battery for an oldcar I just bought, and while they were working on the car I decided to walk to the front of the store and get some cash out of the bank (my bank has a branch inside the store) to pay for the work on the car.

When I got to the bank there were no other customers there andthree tellers sitting at the counter. A man who appeared to be their supervisor was standing there with them, and as the teller who handled my transaction started working on it the supervisor asked me if I was working today. It was obvious from the way he asked me thathe thought I was a LEO. I explained to him with a smile that I am not a LEO and that Georgia law requires a license to carry a weapon but makes no distinction between OC and CC for a license holder. The teller next to the one who was processing my transaction must have asked him about my weapon, and he said to her "he said" andrepeated to her what I had told him about OC. For her part, the teller who was serving me didn't seem the least bit rattled by my weapon being on my hip. The supervisor and the other teller who was talking to him about meseemed slightly perturbed but not too upset when they found out I'm not a LEO. The third teller didn't seem to be alarmed either, and he never said a wordwhile I was there. I deliberately didn't mentionthe fact that I workin armed security because I want to try to get it established in people's mindsin my areathat one does not need to be a professional to safely carry a weapon. I don't want to dilute that message by letting people know I work a job that has mecarrying professionally.

When I went back to pay for the workand get my car the tech who had worked on it asked me where I work. Once again I put my smile on and told him I'm one of the gate guards at Fort Stewart, and then I explained the law to him too. He seemd a little nervous until I told him where I work, and then he listened to my explanation of Georgia law and smiled and said "OK".

I'd say today was a successful day. I handled myself well, didn't get a "man with gun" complaintcalled in on me to 911, and may have educated as many as five people on Georgia law today. It's also worth noting that once again my weapon failed to jump out of the holster by itself and shoot anyone.