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Thread: When to OC in CA generally

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    Hey all first post.

    Let me mention first of all that I do not currently own a handgun and will not even be eligible for about a year or so do to age. However, I do own a Ruger 1022 rifle and am in big favor of the second amendment and the right to carry a firearm for personal protection wether concealed of open carry.

    My question is generally in California what are the laws, rules, regulations, etc. for open carry. I had thought that open carry is permitted in public when you don't have a CCW (which are almost an act of God to get in CA.) However, looking at some of the posts this seems to not be the case. I live in the town of Apple Valley in the San Bernardino county if anyone happens to know any particulars for this area.

    Thanks in advance for any advice and hopefully soon the socialist states of America will see personal protection (read: self- defense) as a good thing.

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    Seeing as you don't yet own a handgun and thus aren't likely in a huge rush to assimilate this information, allow me to politely suggest that, instead of one of us going to all the effort of explaining the laws here in CA, you read the following threads and then spend some time browsing over the wealth of information here in the California board. When you actually start OCing, you will find that sort of serious study to be much more helpful than any number of brief summaries.

    Oh, and welcome to OCDO.

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