This is a pick of a similar item as my camera batteries are dead.

MOLLE II Patrol Pack made by Protector Corp. Comes with foam pad, no internal stiffener. The pack is nearly new and quite comfy. I am selling it because I got an updated version which I prefer.

This pack is perfect for a laptop, light grocery shopping or an excellent range bag. Large main zippered compartment and smaller front compartment with snap closures.

$30 or trade towards Apple computer G4 or better. My mom's 'puter went to the great circut board in the sky and I need to get $100 or so together to get her a used G4 eMac or PowerMac that she can use while saving for a new one. She isn't expecting this, it will be my little surprise, but I'd like to get it going as soon as possible.

On that same note anyone with a Mac they want to sell cheep please let me know.

First PM gets priority on item.