To so many, many precious folks who came forward to assist another of their ilk, at a time when help was so desperately needed. I cannot possibly send everyone who sent me personal & public messages offering suggestions, and solutions regarding my health and the impact it had on my ability to protect my family. I won't rehash all of the details, but you may recall that after a lifetime of service, and now facing an end of life disease, I was in desperate need of a handgun.

So many came foreword with offers of help, that the corners of my eyes got a lil moist. Ultimately a Gun Dealer in Phx, not wanting to be identified, came forward with .357 Mag. "Gift". It was so incredible, he lost a family member in Nam thirty years ago, and he just wanted to quietly say thank you.

To him, to so many of you, I will be eternally grateful!

God Bless!