I notice the church at the end of my block posted a sign indicating they are applying for a zoning exception to teach grades K-6 in their facility. I'm not concerned about them teaching in their location, but I would prefer not to see a school zone enacted two houses away from me.

If the city allows the zoning exception for them to teach K-6 will the city automatically erect a school zone?

If a school zone was enacted two houses from my residence what effect would that have on my ability to OC in my neighborhood? Would I still be able to OC and walk down the sidewalk in front of the church. Would I need a CC permit to leave my driveway in my car while OC?

Any feedback or guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you,

ETA: Read entire proposal and Planning/Zoning admin response. Does not say anything about putting in place a "school zone" and the zoning exception has been limited to two years.