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Thread: OpenCarry Petition-Signing Booth at Next Houston Gun Show

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    I just got off the phone with the owners of the Houston High Caliber Gun Show. While they don't allow political booths pushing candidates, they've agreed to let me put this one up since it's informational and a petition. And it's of interest to gun owners. :P

    Costs are:
    • Booth: $70
    • Electricity: $50
    • WiFi: $12.95/day
    • Sign: ~$100
    • Fliers: Not sure yet (depends on how many).
    While I would appreciate any help in defraying the expenses, I could really use some volunteers to help man the booth. The gun show is two days long for about 8 hours. I know I can't be there on Sunday morning.

    Anyone in the Houston area able to volunteer to help man the booth? Any donations toward costs are also appreciated.


    P.S. I'm happy to share the sign with any other OC promoters that want to borrow it for booths in other cities.

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    I could do the same in Austin onSep. 20 & 21.. The one problem is, I don't have a laptop. Anyone willing to help with the booth that has a laptop with WiFi capabilities?

    We alsoneed to get the flier changed to reflect the new web address for it.
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    what days, i'd be glad to help out. Whatever you need. I am avalible for the show at the Brown center e 27th & 28 th. I think the pasadena show this weekend is too short notice for the wife.


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