I have already submitted the response, and have seen a few places I could have improved on, but interested in your thoughts.


PS, this is a cross post from Students for Concealed Carry

RE: Focus on offensive line, not quarterback.

Well, when I started reading this I thought is was an article about the football team and what improvements should be made. As I kept reading I was shocked to see it was a poor attempt at throwing in some nicely biased opinion.
I am just writing to address the thoughts of concealed carry handgun permits and the issue of carrying on campus. I will provide a quick recap for those who missed the article. McCauly states that “people pushed immediately for concealed carry permits for firearms on campus” after the Virginia Tech and other shootings on or near a campus. Then he states these solutions ignore the real problem, and questions, “If shootings are a problem on campus, is the real solution to add more guns to allow people to defend themselves?” The answer he says, “No… Allowing people to carry concealed firearms on college campuses …are simple attempts to solve complex problems.”
First, the right to bear arms is guaranteed under the Second Amendment. Additionally, the ability to carry a handgun concealed is allowed for people over the age of 21 who have applied for and have been granted a permit. A large number of students on this campus alone currently possess CCH permits, yet they are not allowed to continue the legal activity of carrying or possessing a firearm once they enter campus. There are a number of colleges and even a state (Utah) that explicitly allow for such an act. In Utah, there has not been an incident of gun violence on a campus in over 60 years. To quote a source myself, “Guns legally carried by people with concealed carry permits have never been involved in any violent act in schools in any state. Restricting this makes no more sense than fighting illegal drugs by closing neighborhood pharmacies one day a week, or fighting pornography by prohibiting pictures in internet editions of daily newspapers. Many politicians find it easier to "fix problems" by passing new laws instead of enforcing those already on the books… The news media fails to distinguish between "legal guns in schools" and "illegally carried guns".1
I advise everybody to look at a website: http://concealedcampus.org/ and read about the facts. Don’t let emotion lead arguments. Let the facts determine what should be allowed. Let the law abiding citizens continue their legal actions on campus as well as off. Why is campus a gun free area where only criminals are the ones carrying weapons.

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