Our home is one block over from the site of where a home will be leveled and rebuilt in 106 hours for a family of 11.This is big news in town and the traffic is starting to be around the clock people wanting to get a look at what is going on. So the wife and Igo for a walk with the dog to get a look. As we round the corner a Toledo Police car is at the south entrance with one local, one deputy and one bald Northwood cop. I can see the two looking at us and turning away several time as we got closer. We stopped about 40 feet from them and got a look at the big dance going on, could not enter because of dog. My wife was there last night to give info for her part as she will be working a food tent thursday night, told me she spoke to this guy last night he is getting some OT out of this.If thiswas the same one from the icecream shop he suredid change his tune. Anyway threeLEO and not a problem just the way it should be.