While the following is addressed to "conservatives" it could also be addressed to all gun owners. NO ONE in the house is better on RKBA than Rep Carl Wimmer (and Curt Oda).

Dave Hogue has tried to pass legislation requiring live fire (greatly increasing the cost and hassle of getting a concealed permit), requiring retraining to renew a permit, and otherwise attacking RKBA. He has now switched parties in an effort to oust very pro-RKBA Rep. Carl Wimmer.

Please do all you can to help with this event this Saturday, or if you are previously committed on Saturday, contact Rep. Wimmer's campaign to see how else you might help. Every dollar and every volunteer hour greatly help these campaigns and help send the message that gun owners stand by their friends at least as strongly as we attack our enemies.


I need your help!

Dave Hogue has an army of volunteers helping him in his attempt to take my seat. I am planning an event where I will have volunteers walk the new neighborhoods in my district, register people to vote, and pass out my information.

I have a lot of new move-in's and if I can get them registered, I will have their information to add to my GOTV Plan and my mailers. I am asking (pleading really) for your help in making this event successful.

Saturday, September 13th
10:00 am
Meet at my house --
14028 South Rosaleen Lane (5700 West), Herriman

I have been targeted by the Democrats, obviously because I am too conservative for their taste. I will need help from you to make sure I can continue to support your conservative values in the Utah Legislature.

Thanks so much,

Carl Wimmer

Representative Carl Wimmer
House District 52:
Herriman/Riverton/South Jordan
Salt Lake County