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    MS restrictions on CCW include "Any portion of an establishment, licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, that is primarily devoted to dispensing alcoholic beverages; any portion of an establishment in which beer or light wine is consumed on the premises, that is primarily devoted to such purpose;"

    So my question is this: If I go into a restaurant that has a bar (like Outback, Applebee's, etc. Take your pick), it is legal to CCW in the restaurant"portion of the establishment"of the building but not in the bar "portion of the establishment"?

    Of course, MS doesn't have reciprocity with VA, so I won't be able to carry anywhere at first, but once I get established I'll cough up the $132. :X
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    My take on that part of the law is thatyou cannot carry a gun into a bar or nightclub in MS. Some of these establishments serve food but their primary business is ALCOHOL. On the other hand, many restaurants serve alcohol but their primary business is FOOD. I've CC'd into practically every restaurant in the area I live in, including Outback,without worry, but I would never carry in a nightclub. A small pocketknife is O.K. and legal.

    Asto whether you can carry into the bar portion of a restaurant, if it's in the open (likeOutback) I don't see a problem since you are in the same overall surroundings as everyone else.

    Mississippi just doesn't think it's a good idea to mix guns and alcohol in a place where lots of people congregate for the purpose of drinking. Just leave it in the car.

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