It appears District of Columbia Councilman Phil Mendelson is proposing an amendment to the currently effective "emergency" gun control legislation to allow semi-auto handguns :celebratewith some type of high capacity magazine possession limitation. It is not clear whether it will be along the lines of the Maryland 20 round magazine prohibition, or the former Federal so-called assault weapons limitation of 10 rounds. And it is not clear whether the proposal would included rifles as well as handguns.

In addition, he is apparently intent on getting rid of the mandatory trigger lock /unloaded requirement :celebrateand the ballistic testing requirement :celebratein favor of imposing liability on the gun owner should a child get a hold of the gun and (presumably be injured or injure someone else), and imposing a microstamping requirement for new guns sold after some time in the future (apparently similar to if not identical to the California requirement). Lastly, the amendment will propose doing away with the limitation of registering only one handgun. A link to his memo placing the matter on the city council's September 16, 2008 legislative agenda follows:

Note again that this is an amendment to the "emergency" legislation and is not the permanent legislation the city will be considering now most likely in October. Also note that we still need people to testify at the September 18, 2008 hearing on the permanent legislation. IF YOU WORK IN OR LIVE IN THE DISTRICT WE NEED YOU TO SIGNUP TO SPEAK AT THE HEARING ON THE 18TH. You may call Victor Bonett at 202-724-8064 to sign up to testify.

This may just be an attempt to derial the pending pending HR 6691 which would repeal DC's authority to enact gun control measures. However, it is certainly a step -- if even a small one -- in the right direction.