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Thread: OC at Wells Fargo

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    I just got back from the new Wells Fargo branch at Golf Links/Kolb in Tucson after opening a new account there while OC'ing. The male tellers all looked and sounded visibly disturbed by my weapon.

    The friendly young lady who set up my account wasn't freaked out at all (the tellers directed me to her because she was 'cool with guns') and admitted she carried herself and understood why I chose to carry OC. I even got a good deal on my checks/credit card to boot. Overall, a great experience.

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    Congrats on a good OC bank experience. Obviously, I can understand why a bank employee might be 'uncomfortable' with gun wearing patrons walking in the door, but I applaud WF for acknowledging that the gun you see is almost always safer than the gun you don't see.

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