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Thread: Mendelson's Poison Pill Attacks Right to Own Normal Capacity Magazines!

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    For Immediate Release – September 15, 2008

    DC City Council Attacks Right to Own Normal Capacity Magazines[/b]

    Mendelson’s “Poison Pill” Magazine BanProves Congress Must Intervene to Safeguard DC Gun Rights


    Here we go again.

    Apparently stunned by the colossal $3.5 million dollar invoice submitted by civil rights attorneys in the first Heller[/i][/b] case,[1] the DC City Council is now moving to moot Heller[/i][/b] II[/i][/b] (the new civil rights law suit against DC’s continuing refusal to allow residents to own semi-automatic handguns, the most common and ordinary handguns sold in America today) before the next invoice comes due.[2]

    But adding insult to the injury of delaying implementation of Heller I[/i][/b] as to semi-automatic guns, DC Councilman Phil Mendelson now wants to “ban magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds.”[3]

    If the Second Amendment protects the right to own gun “in common use at the time,”[4] surely it protects the right to own commonly used gun components.[5] What makes the 10 round magazine restriction particularly arbitrary is that most handgun magazines sold today hold between 11 and 17 rounds – so criminals, who can buy magazines on the Internet or at gun stores in any state without any background check, will easily be able to outgun DC residents obeying the law.

    So just what are folks supposed to do under Mendelson’s magazine ban? Carry spare magazines or leave them cached around the house? Carry two guns while making spaghetti in the kitchen? If the magazine ban passes, DC residents can thank Mendelson for having to fight home invasions with one hand tied behind their back.

    Mendelson’s poison pill magazine ban is all the proof it should take for Congress to step in and preempt the DC City Council on gun control. And of course while they are at it, Congress should repeal the onerous and time consuming DC “gun registration” requirement – after all, gun registration is largely unknown in America as only 5 states require handguns to be registered![6]

    Accordingly, urges the Congress to swiftly pass HR 6691 introduced by Rep. Travis Childers (D-MS) to repeal the DC gun registration requirement entirely. [/b]


    [/b]Media Contacts:
    Mike Stollenwerk, Mike at
    John Pierce - John at


    [1] Lyle Denniston, The bill for Heller: $3.5 million,August 25th, 2008at

    [2] Paul Duggan and Mary Beth Sheridan, D.C. Legislation Would Remove More Gun Limits[/i][/b], Washington Post at A1, September 13, 2008, available at[/i][/b]

    [3] Id[/i][/b].

    [4] District of Columbia[/i] v. Heller[/i], 128 S.Ct. 2783, 2817 (2008).

    [5] Only 6 states have enacted magazine limits (Maryland (20); New Jersey (15); California (10 but old mags grandfathered); Hawaii (10 but only pistols); Massachusetts (10); New York (10)). See[/i][/b] Zachary Schurin, Federal and State Restrictions on Ammunition Transfer and Possession, March 21, 2007 at

    [6] The only states requiring handguns to be registered are California, Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, and New York. See[/i][/b] (however this NRA chart is outdated as the notations indicating localities in Nevada and Ohio may require handgun registration has been mooted by state legislation passed to preempt localities from requiring such registration though several Nevada localities were grandfathered).

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    Is there time and what would the potentional impact of a petition be?

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