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Thread: OC at aurora Target, Blockbuster

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    Hello everyone, I have been following the discussion's that have taken place in the Aurora area. Just wanted to let you all know that this past weekend I OC'ed to the Target and blockbuster and had no issues. No one even did a double take. It was a very nice first impression/Experience. Lets hope they all go that good.

    - JON

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    Generally, most businesses in Aurora don't really care if you OC. I've had a few problems but not that many considering how often I do it. Usually the problems I have had were the result of some anti getting upset and not because the business actually banned OC. Also, I tend to have more problems in certain parts of town like Old Aurora than Aurora in general.

    In regards to Blockbuster, I have never had problems there either, but I cant say the same for Target (though it was only with the one Target near the Aurora Mall).
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