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Thread: Bulldogs?

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    I'm looking for a good vertical shoulder holster for my PT-140. I was just looking at a rig from Bulldog and was wondering if anyone had any experience with the company and their products. Good, bad, indifferent; I want it all.

    Thanks, folks!
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    Good Day Bookman,

    I'll be your assistant today as we journey thru the land of the www. LOL !

    First I'll need your budget cap. $25, $50, $100 $200? They get quite expensive when it comes to leather.

    Second, I'll need to know your preference, Leather, Nylon ?

    Third, What is you reason for needing a Shoulder Holster? OC, CC, Around the yard ?

    Get that for me, and I'll be more than happy to throw some suggestions your way

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