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Thread: Holster recommendations

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    I am in need of holster recommendations to OC my Ruger KP90 .45

    I'm wanting to know the pros and cons of hip holster and drop down (thigh) holster. What would be y'alls recommendations for somebody new to the community of OC?

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    I carry my P944 (.40) in a Fobus Roto Paddle. Its a mid ride, with decent retention. The paddle is really really comfortable, and it stays exactly where I put it. I counterbalance with the fobus roto paddle double mag carrier on the other side.

    I also have an Ace shoulder rig if I'm going on a long car trip.

    I wore a thigh holster in the service. Best for draw time, more comfortable to sit down, but you may not want the 'tactical' image. Also, there are some areas where CC may be better for tactical or social reasons. A thigh holster cannot be concealed easily, where all I have to do to conceal my Fobus is untuck my overshirt.

    just my 0.02, hope this helps.



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