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Thread: BAN at Martinsburg Airshow

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    In Virginia this ban would be illegal... it might be in WV too.. I just not as well versed in WV law
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    I wish I could say I am surprised. However, I shouldn't be since a majority of the members of the Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport Authority board are appointed by the Martinsburg City Council, with which we have locked horns recently.

    We really need to enact a stronger preemption law next year.
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    This is why i did not go to the fly in.

    I usually carry not only pocket knives and multi tools on my person, but I have a firearm in my flight survival bag along with an axe per required/suggested equipment under the old CANADIAN and US regulations for remote area flying.

    Funny they don't mention how they expect to check pilots and aircraft arriving on the flight line side of the security check point.


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    you may have to take them to court. This will put them in their place as well as serve notice to the other city councils that you are serious about the state's preemption laws.

    We here in VA (the VCDL) have had to litigate things down here to get it through the city council's head more than once.

    When the Newport News city council flipped me off over the library "no weapons" signs I handed him my attorney's card and said if the signs are not down by this weekend your contact with me will be restricted to going through my attorney. See ya in court.

    I checked that weekend and the signs were down. Just something to consider.

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