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    If youhave ammo that states on the box that it is intended for law enforcement use, or for sale to law enforcement only, will you get in trouble if you have to use it in self defense? Federal HST would be an example..

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    Nope.Idon't see why you can't use it.No law saysthat you cannot use ammunition marked as such. (Except maybe in New Jersey where the use of hollow points is restricted outside of the home.)

    Some of my magazines also say that on them to distinguish them in some states where high-cap mags are required to have it listed.

    The only rounds that you would likely be in big trouble for using are "armor piercing" roundsfor handguns which are covered under federal law, such as the 5.7 mm penetrators.

    In this case Federal only sells them to law enforcement, but that is just their business policy.

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    Well that is good. Someone recommended that ammo to me, and Iaonly saw the side of the box after I received it. But I guess they wouldn't sell it if you couldn't use it ;-)

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