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Thread: OCing at Pena Blanca Lake

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    Hey guys, it's been awhile. I want to drive down from Tucson and check out Pena Blanca lake before they close and drain it. I know it's National Forrest and I'm aware of:

    Shooting is allowed on National Forest System Land providing,

    It does not create a public hazard or serve as a direct threat to public safety.
    It does not damage or destroy natural features such as plants, historic features or property.
    It does not create litter; refuse accumulation and abandoned personal property.
    It does not violate an existing restriction or closure.
    Regulations for shooting on the National Forest come from Code of Federal Regulations

    36 CFR 261.10

    d. Discharging a firearm or any other implement capable of taking human life, causing injury, or damaging property as follows:

    In or within 150 yards of a residence, building, campsite, developed recreation site or occupied area, or
    Across or on a National Forest System road or a body of water adjacent thereto, or
    In any manner or place whereby any person or property is exposed to injury or damage as a result in such discharge.
    Into or within any cave

    But is there any know restrictions for carrying around the actual lake? From what I know of the law, I'd say it's allowed and that I shouldn't have any issues. However, I know there are other recreational areas in NFS that are restricted. So, I'd rather be safe then sorry and ask you guys, since the majority of you OC more often than I do and are more familiar with the less-commonly know areas/laws of OCing. Thanks.

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    AFAIK, only national parks and monuments are off limits. I would think that carrying a firearm in accordance with state law is perfectly legal in a national forest, otherwise how would people hunt there?

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