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Thread: Wal-Mart one night then Hyvee the Next

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    So it was cold out one night and I wore my Nightmare Before Xmas thermal shirt.

    I went to Wal-Mart with my wife and kid. We walked around for awhile looking and then I noticed the As. Store Manager following me then she looked down at my weapon. Gave me a dirty look and pointed at my weapon

    "You cant have that in here" she said,

    "why" I replied,

    " you cant carry that here, its Wal-Mart Policy" NOTE that she is saying all this in a VERY rude manor.

    I replied with a smile " I beleive I understand Wal-Marts policy on the matter, better that you do"

    She told me I had to walk with her to the phone. And I told my wife to finish shopping

    As we got to the phone she made a call to Loss Prevention Dept and asked about it

    "do you have a CCW Permit for that" she said

    "Why, you can see it cant you?" me

    she told the person on the phone NO in a pissy mood

    (I have been calm, with a smile on my face the whole time)

    She then made another call, I beleive to the Store Manager,

    then she got a (OH ****) look on her face hung up the phone and never looked at me again,

    she said with a low voice "Your OK" and walked away I just wanted to BLOW UP on her, but I just smiled and walked away,

    The next night I wore the same shirt to the store HyVee, it was me my wife and kid, after looking around for about 20 min, I got confronted my 2 Managers, under my breath I said "not again" the guy asked me if I was a off duty LEO.

    I replied "no"

    He then ask what (I DO) I told him im a Computer Tech -- I love the look on peoples faces when I tell them that LOL

    "so thats legal" he said

    "Yes" i said

    we then talked for about 5 min about the laws and why I carry, he told me a customer was concerned and thats why he ASKED me, he was VERY nice and understanding.

    needless to say I still shop at both stores, but I go to HyVee the bulk of the time now.

    NOTE- I have been OCing in both stores for about a year with no problems, the HyVee guy said he saw me in there alot but I was dressed normal, but I had my Goth shirt on those nights LOL oops


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    Great story, I love it! I guess that anti-gun asst. mgr. got put in her place and taught a thing or two. Good job!

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