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Thread: Educating the Public about Patriots

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    The general public has a very skewed view of Patriots, caused by the misinformation the controlled media spews out. The dumbing down that occurs in government schools etc. Recently I had to respond to this post in another forum:

    Originally Posted by Snowdancer When you say Patriots, are we talking citizens who are just into self reliance or something much more hard core such as refusing to pay taxes(property or income), not getting SS numbers &/or get the required vehicle insurance & registrations?

    To which I responded:

    It would take me at least 6 months to educate you on these issues but let me try at least:

    Most Patriots have a beef with ILLEGAL government. Government that ignores the law. For example we have an effective tax rate of 60% or higher in this country because the Federal government refuses to follow the law. 95% of the laws it writes and money it spends is illegally done. You might want to watch Michael Badnaricks constitution course because a vast majority of Americans don't have even a fundamental understanding of the document.

    Most Patriots do not have a problem with paying a reasonable tax rate, that goes to what the law states that it should be spent on. Historically Americans paid around a 5% tax rate in total.

    Most Patriots don't believe in paying taxes that are not owed such as the federal income tax. It is not owed on several levels that are too detailed to go into here. Please watch Aaron Russos "Freedom to Facism" for a discussion on the illegal income tax:

    A further FACT about the income tax is that not one red cent goes for government services or even to the government. 100% of it goes to a cartel of private bankers to pay interest on the money that they counterfeit and we are dumb enough to borrow from them. You might know this private banking cartel as "The Federal Reserve" You might want to listen to this MP3 of G. Edward Griffin, Author of 'The Creature from Jekyll Island' :

    If you like most American had not been indoctrinated in government schools it would take you about 1/10 of one second to realize that social security is blatantly illegal (unconstitutional) Not to mention that it is a pyramid scheme that like our fiat money supply MUST eventually collapse. Nor mentioning that you only get a only 2% return on investment which is criminal IMHO.

    Let me ask you one final question....
    Would you stand for getting a government license for your bible?

    If not then why do you tolerate getting government licenses for other God given rights?

    Unbelievably most Christians get government permission to get married and they also ask government to approve of their church in the form of being a 502c3 corporation.

    I sincerely hope that you and everyone else reading this will break free of the lies and indoctrination that you have been given.

    Take care my friend,

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    Blog flogging is spam redux.

    Ahhh, IBTZ In Before The ZOT

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