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Thread: KSL Deals

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    Hey guys! I was just browsing the KSL classifieds and came across yet another great deal that I can't afford at the moment!

    This seems to happen a lot, so I decided to start this thread.

    See a great deal but not taking it? Let one of your friends at OCDO have a chance at it!

    CZ-75b Like New for $350. Posted at about 8:45 am Thursday the 25th.

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    Hey guys: i know i have posted this before and its NOT a ksl item: But the newbies might appreciate it.

    These guys rock. i have ordered .223 and 9mm from them before (and at current). The ammo take only 5 business days (my experience) from hanging up the phone after ordering, to my front door.

    Out of a total order of 1,500 .223's (Brown Bear) - I have had ZERO fouling of any kind. I'll let ya'll know how the 9mm's work out.

    Ammo is getting expensive, so this could save on the pennies!

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