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Thread: OC in Oregon

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    Did a quick search. Found a lot of CalGuns people here. Anyhow, my search topic was on OC in Oregon. Going on a two week trip up there and plan to do a little fishing and Jeep trail riding.

    I do not believe that in the Gold Beach (Turtle Rock) area there is any Federal Park land, nor is there along the coast in Tillamook County. I will be in some state park areas and of course fishing (which allows OCing if a fishing permit holder and in the act of the activity)

    According to the Oregon state website, OC, loaded, is legal unless there are local ordinances against it. Seems like all the major cities in Oregon have some reg against it. OC is also not allowed statewide in "public offices" (doubt I fish there anyhow).

    So, my specific question is, has anyone OC'd (legally) in the two places I plan to visit, and if yes or no, what are the local regs on OCing in those areas.

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    Jeff at Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF) is very responsive to questions like this.

    And you might try posting your question in the Oregon section.

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